Eat Stop Eat

This Is A easy and flexible technique that teaches you how to lose fat but keep your muscles intact without applying time squandering calculations and meticulously planing your daily meals.
It has not so much to do with traditional diet procedures or meal planning, instead with an intermittent fasting strategy.
Brad Pilon is a lifetime sportsman who consistently had in mind a procedure to maintain body fat on course, naturally raising hormones without losing lean muscle (or even adding it).
He also happens to be a Doctor with a scientific foundation that has worked for mainstream fitness magazines and the health nutritional supplement industry, traveling the world and getting the privilege to use state of the art testing equipment to help expand his studies and findings in weight-loss while training for thin muscle, either to keep it or even increase it.
His wealth of expertise areas Brad Pilon is in an unique position to understand exactly what the body needs, the way that it functions and what actually works for losing fat and keeping it lean and fit.
He detected that rather than planning a traditional diet with set calories and food composition, a strategy of short spans of fasting followed by standard “eating days” would afford much better results with respect to hormonal equilibrium, fat loss and lean muscle (or even muscle increase) without all of the headaches and constraints of classic diet fads we are used to.